Events - Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Romanian Peseant Museum
Bucharest, Romania
Tuesday, 28 August 2012 - 6:00 PM
InnerSound was created as an alternative to the conventional new music and new arts festivals, and is aimed at freeing the audience from the limitations of a concert hall and its inherent perception prejudices. By breaking the “stage vs. public” boundary, the audience can communicate directly to the artist, in an intimate, relaxed environment.

The symbol of InnerSound 2012, extracted from Sabina Ulubeanu’'s photo, is the WINDOW opened towards ourselves, towards our own dreams and creative ideas – a window that, hopefully, will allow the audience to look into a world of mystery, of aural and visual magic. This symbol will be reflected both in image and in sound during the festival.

The first edition of InnerSound will focus on merging MUSIC and IMAGE into a distinct, unique form of art. Young performers, composers, photographers and film artists from Romania, Switzerland, Ireland and Holland will assume the role of hosts and magicians. The participants in InnerSound are either internationally renowned artists, or young, enthusiastic creators whose talents have already been acknowledged in Romania and abroad.

An enjoyable cultural experience is, more often than not, savoured at home, in a favourite armchair, or in a lounge or venue, surrounded by friends. This is what we look forward to offering Bucharest highly valuable works of art, worthwhile events in a comfortable yet lively environment; in short, a breath of fresh air in torrid August.
Presenters: Catalin Cretu, Multimedia Artist, Chairman of Opus Association; Diana Rotaru, Composer, Artistic Director; Mihai Cucu, Visual Artist, Manager; Sabina Ulubeanu, Composer, Artistic Director
Ulubeanu: Vers le ciel
Artist: Laura Buruiana (Cello)
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Ulubeanu: Slide 1&2
Ulubeanu: Soleil sur les cloches
Ulubeanu: Vers le ciel

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