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Welcome! This is  Sabina Ulubeanu's website!
Everything you'll see here is Sabina's own content: music and photographs.
For those who understand Romanian, you can find even more on her personal blog: Armonii . 
2015 is coming to an end.
One of the highlights of this year was Sabina's presence at TedX Cambridge School of Bucharest.
 You can see her speech about the process of creation here: 

October 2014:
Sabina Ulubeanu is again present at Eyes On Biennale  West46 Galerie.
 Here is where you can see her self portrait!
The news in Romanian:
What about 2014?
Sabina continued her work for InnerSound New Arts Festival, writing and winning a project at AFCN: the National Cultural Administration Found.
The festival was a succes, gathering 70 artists from 10 countries!
 Her new works: Nachtfalter- violin ad Zither and Rose Petal Jam for a silent film were premiered in September.
Three new photographes were exhbited, among others, at the Vortex Photo Exhbition, still to be seen intil the end of November in Bucharest, Batistei 24, Inspayer Palace.
Sabina Ulubeanu is finishing up the new compozition Clustercantabile, to be premiered on November 4th in Bucharest, by Ensemble Sonomania.
 September was also the month of critics writing, for International George Enescu Competition official website.

2013 :It has been a long productive year!
Sabina composed Raum und Liebe for flute, violin, cello and piano, with a world premiere in Vienna, the 23th of February, Cântec pentru Laraa lied for soprano, mezzo and piano, ÎncerCantata for Sonomania Ensemble, premiered in Bucharest, the 25th of May,  „...of tears and dewdrops Pasaccaglia”, for flute, bassoon and cembalo, premiered in Dublin,Ireland, the 8th of June, Slide 1&2 for mezzo voice and violin and silent film music „Windows”, both premiered during InnerSound New Arts Festival

In September, Sabina Ulubeanu was the official reviewer of George Enescu International Festival's website, providing critiques for the most important events of the festival.

Currently, she is working on a piece for „Frescomania” project, soon to be premiered.

Enjoy your stay and don't hesitate to come back for more news!

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15 Apr 2012
Ulubeanu: Slide 1&2 Play
Ulubeanu: Soleil sur les cloches Play
Ulubeanu: Vers le ciel Play


Ulubeanu: Slide 1&2
Ulubeanu: Soleil sur les cloches
Ulubeanu: Vers le ciel

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